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Honesty, integrity and professionalism

These values are at the heart of our business. They are in everything we do because we work with the finest hospitality businesses in London with the very best reputations.

So we know that our behaviour will only ever serve to enhance those reputations as well as the guest experience.

Exceptional quality

We constantly check our standards and service to make sure they are industry-leading because our aim is to always exceed expectations.

This means our Quality Manager will make regular visits to our client partners’ premises to monitor our standards and gather feedback on our performance, conduct and presentation.  

Our hand-held electronic system backs up our checks with a quantifiable audit of each site and area. Each audit produces a detailed summary and task list of areas not up to standard, resulting in a percentage score that enables us to constantly benchmark our performance and make improvements where needed.

We do this through continuous innovation and by always looking at ways to develop our systems and services to add quality and value to our customers – at no extra cost.

Excellent employer

Our commitment to delivering a first class service means we are very careful about who we recruit, how we train them and how we look after them.

We only take on the best people – all as permanent team members who are legally entitled to work in the UK. We invest in thorough training so they provide the best standards for our client partners. And we check and check this because our reputation – and yours – is important to us.

We are immensely proud of the level of diversity we have at ACT Clean, with people from all walks of life and with 88 different nationalities coming together to deliver the level of service excellence that we are known for.

Our people are trained to do whatever they can to help, going above and beyond if need be. And because they all speak English, they’ll always know what’s being asked of them.  

We treat our people with respect. We pay them a fair and legal wage, on time and directly into their bank accounts. We make sure they are paid for every hour and that holiday pay is handled properly and clearly. 

Not only is that the right thing to do, it means they work harder for us and you.