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Committed to providing a sustainable future

Our team is everything to us

We care for our team and work hard to protect them and the environments in which we operate.

Every Act-Clean team member is on a journey, and we aim to make every stage of the experience as rewarding and life-enhancing as possible.

At every step we are creating a safe, inclusive environment, treating all individuals with respect and dignity, and ensuring the behaviours of our clients mirror our own. We live and breathe our values, without compromise.

Our straightforward recruitment process assists those who may be new to working in the UK, including prompt payment via a clear pay platform and employee-referral incentives.

We have assistance in place for matters relating to payroll, HR and all employment matters and additionally Hospitality Action’s Employee Assistance Programme.

One Team, One Planet

We recognise our responsibility to ensure our standards are upheld in the environment in which we operate

To enhance our community, our industry, and to benefit future generations

We can always do better

Our self-awareness runs deep, so we know that the way we operate impacts our business and our team, and must be for the benefit of how we collaborate with clients and integrate with the wider world.

We have in place a process of pooling ideas and making decisions within our power that will maintain the immediate safety of our people and the future of our planet.

We are continually assessing our supply chain and processes to ensure we minimise our carbon and environmental impact.

From reducing and recycling waste, using sustainable materials, downsizing our office space to create hot-desking, to encouraging use of public transport for staff members, reducing single-use plastics, using online health and safety training and QR-code technology to reduce the need to print, we are on a constant learning curve.

Regarding chemical usage, our clients’ expectations must align with our own. Therefore, we offer an ecological option or use chemicals provided that adhere to client guidelines and are deemed acceptable by ourselves.

Because we operate in our client’s environments, their guidelines are our responsibility too, which means meeting their sustainability targets is a collaborative effort.

Proud to support an industry we love through our collaborations

Involvement in the hospitality sector is important to us and we encourage our team members to get involved personally and meaningfully however they can.

We believe in the pursuit of excellence and equality, through our sponsorships of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, the St Julian Scholars and the Women in Hotels Boutique Hotelier event held annually on International Women’s Day.

We support our industry charity, Hospitality Action, with vital fundraising to help those in our sector who fall on hard times. Our Act-Clean team are able to access the Employee Assistance Program provided by Hospitality Action.

Royal Academy Patron HRH King Charles