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Quality-driven managed cleaning in London

If we do our job well our teams will seem almost invisible. But our high standards are evident wherever we go.

We work with luxury hotels, world class restaurants and members’ clubs across London and mirror their top notch service levels in our own operations: from front line services such as kitchen portering and cleaning to the support network we provide our client partners and teams.  

Consistency is key, which is why we have developed a reputation for quality control to make sure our high standards of performance, conduct and presentation are always maintained. 

Guest focus

Great hospitality is driven by its people. We invest heavily in making sure our own people have the right attitude, skills and guest focus.

This begins at recruitment and continues with a detailed training programme that ensures our teams deliver the premium services and pinnacle standards for which ACT Clean is known.

Deep cleaning a lift

ACT Clean have introduced a new deep cleaning and decontamination service to help maintain safe workspaces, free from coronavirus infection.
Working across London our specialist cleaners wear protective equipment including masks , gloves and goggles to ensure that high tough point surfaces, as well as floors equipment and furniture are properly sanitised and safe.

To ensure there is no cross-contamination, our team are provided with fresh protective gear as well as disposable cleaning cloths and mop heads for each job.

Kitchen Porters
Kitchen Porters

The best chefs always appreciate the value of the kitchen porter and so do we. The function is absolutely integral to the successful and smooth running of any professional kitchen. This is both in terms of the practicalities – a constant flow of clean pots, pans, plates and utensils is a must – and team dynamic. Led by an experienced supervisor, our kitchen porter teams are recruited for their ethics of hard work and can-do attitudes and trained to the highest standards of quality and health & safety.

Back of House Night Cleaning
Back of house night cleaners

Back of house night cleaning is one of the toughest cleaning jobs there is, in part because it is so important – high standards of food hygiene and health & safety in catering and food production facilities are crucial. It also requires a detailed understanding of professional kitchen equipment and the cleaning techniques required to ensure they remain in tip-top operational condition. Our kitchen cleaning teams have the technical knowledge required to dismantle, clean and rebuild an oven and to work around electricity and gas appliances. Having a clean kitchen every morning is great for morale, preventing pest and food contamination and prolonging the life of our clients’ hardworking kitchen kit.

Front of House Night Cleaning
Front of house night cleaner

We choose our front of house cleaning teams for their skills and aptitude as well as their discretion and presentation. This is because we know how important these qualities are in supporting the high standards of our client partners. We look after the dining areas, lobbies, reception halls and toilets of London’s finest hospitality businesses, as well as specialist areas such as spas – including saunas, steam-rooms and fitness areas. Equally importantly, we prepare staff facilities as well. And we do all this with an eye for detail and an understanding that the cleanliness we provide is a key element of our clients’ reputations.


Experience, good English, smart presentation and a positive attitude are key basic requirements for our room attendants, who are both thorough and efficient. But we know that a great housekeeping team delivers so much more. Through our client relationships, we get to understand the personalities our partners like so that we can match our room attendants with them accordingly. With this skill we are proud to have set a new benchmark in the industry.