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Meet Benedetta Rufai-Kuku, Operations Manager at Act-Clean

Operations Manager

In this interview, we share the career journey of Benedetta, now one of our Operations Managers who has grown and progressed from her initial role as a night cleaner. Her dedication, passion, and commitment to excellence embody the core values that drive us at Act-Clean.

How long have you been working with Act-Clean?

I have been with Act-Clean for five years as of September.

Why have you stayed with Act-Clean for so long?

The company has given me the opportunity to grow. I started as a night cleaner and moved up to supervisor and I’m now a manager. I’ve worked with brilliant people and visited some of the best hotels in the UK.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I enjoy the interaction with the staff and the family feel of the company. It’s rewarding to work in such a supportive environment.

What’s your favourite memory of Act-Clean?

Starting a new site. It’s always exciting and it’s a chance to build trust with the client from the ground up and that new feeling of being somewhere amazing is very fulfilling.

What values do you think Act-Clean lives by?

Act-Clean embodies teamwork, excellence, and a commitment to exceeding expectations. We work closely with clients, learn what they want, and collaborate to ensure everything is perfect.

Act-Clean is about to launch at The Mandarin Oriental Mayfair. What preparations have to take place to start somewhere new?

We bring together experienced people with different skills to provide the perfect service and set the standard. We provide the best cleaning products and machinery to ensure that the highest standards are met. Regular meetings with the client are crucial to understand their needs and collaborate effectively. Continuous check-ins ensure we always exceed expectations. Communication is key, and we are always available via WhatsApp, telephone and email.

How do you train the team to go into somewhere new?

Training involves bringing together a team with diverse skills and preparing them to meet the client’s needs. It’s an opportunity for team members to move into senior management roles and grow professionally. We focus on understanding the client’s requirements and ensuring our team is ready to deliver.

From night cleaner to Operations Manager, Benedetta’s journey is a shining example of the growth and support we provide our employees at Act-Clean. We’re all about teamwork, excellent service and client satisfaction and we will continue to help our team thrive and reach their goals.

If you’re interested in understanding how Act-Clean can benefit your hotel, restaurant or private members club give us a call on 020 7793 0500 or email