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Interview with Neringa Gireniene, Executive Housekeeper at The Park Tower Knightsbridge

Interview with Neringa Gireniene, Executive Housekeeper at The Park Tower Knightsbridge

At Act-Clean, we pride ourselves on building strong, lasting partnerships with our clients. In this interview, we chat to Neringa Gireniene, Executive Housekeeper at The Park Tower Knightsbridge.

Over the past two years, Neringa has worked closely with our team, overseeing the cleanliness and maintenance of The Park Tower Knightsbridge’s front of house and staff areas during the night.

How long have you been working with or known Act-Clean and in what capacity?

I’ve been working with Act-Clean for two years now. Act-Clean handles our night cleaning operations, taking care of both public and staff areas.

What are the benefits of working with Act-Clean?

They ensure the areas are kept impeccably clean, they listen to feedback, and they promptly address any issues that arise. Their staff are trustworthy and well-trained.

How do you communicate with the team at Act-Clean?

Team at Tower Park KnightsbridgeI communicate with Benedetta Rufai-Kuku, the night operations manager, who is amazing to work with! If there’s anything that needs attention, it’s sorted right away. There’s rarely anything wrong.

I also meet with Mark Golding, Act-Clean’s Head of Operations and Bronwyn Groves, Act-Clean’s Director regularly to share updates and prevent any potential issues from occurring.

Why did you choose Act-Clean over other cleaning agencies in this sector?

We extended our contract with Act-Clean because we are very happy with the quality of service and the team. Everyone is very polite and friendly. Act-Clean provides the best solution for our business and demonstrates exceptional knowledge in their sector. They don’t just talk about what they will do – they show it. For example, during one of our very first meetings, before we started working together, we had a challenge with marble polishing and they just showed us right there and then how to fix it!

Do you have any memorable stories or experiences with the Act-Clean team?

There’s a new amazing story every month! The team is very proactive. Even when all meeting rooms are booked, I can drop a message and whatever is needed will be sorted out.

Can you recall a time when the Act-Clean team went above and beyond their job to help?

Absolutely. They are always on top of things and willing to go the extra mile, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

What value or values do you think best describe Act-Clean and why?

Act-Clean feels like a family. They are caring, passionate, and trustworthy. If any issues arise, everyone comes together to help. Their appreciation for their people is very strong, and this makes the work go smoothly. I trust their team and know that management is always there to support us.

Neringa’s experience with Act-Clean emphasises our commitment to providing top-tier cleaning services and building strong, collaborative relationships with our clients. At Act-Clean, we don’t just aim to meet expectations – we strive to exceed them. We look forward to continuing our partnership with The Park Tower Knightsbridge for many years to come!