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Coronavirus deep cleaning service

ACT Clean has developed a deep cleaning and decontamination service for coronavirus, Covid-19 to ensure Londoners can get back to work safely.

New coronavirus deep cleaning and decontamination service for London

Using our extensive experience – alongside recommendations from Public Health England and government guidelines – we have developed a bespoke Covid-19 deep cleaning and decontamination service. This new service is specially designed to be suitable for office cleaning, school cleaning and most types of workspace cleaning.

We have been providing the city’s best hotels, restaurants, and private hospitals with impeccable cleaning processes and the highest of hygiene standards for the last 14 years.

As a London-based business and employer, we are keen to support the city as it moves beyond coronavirus lockdown conditions.  Our coronavirus deep cleaning and decontamination service is available to all non-healthcare premises across London.


Reasons for Covid-19 deep cleaning

Deep cleaning a lift

The global spread of the coronavirus means that we must all be more vigilant about cleanliness and safety. This is particularly important within the general community, in high traffic density areas where popular touch points can quickly build up coronavirus contamination to pass onto others. Our full sanitation and disinfection process is suitable for all commonly used areas including retail cleaning, workspace cleaning and communal office cleaning.

As an employer it is particularly important for you to pay extra attention to safeguarding your workforce by taking steps to implement regular workplace sanitisation. This is where our coronavirus cleaning will provide you with the peace of mind that your workplace decontamination has been carried out by fully trained, experienced professionals.

Further government guidance to help employers, employees and the self-employed to understand how to work safely during the coronavirus pandemic can be found here.

How our coronavirus deep cleaning works 

The ACT Clean Covid-19 deep cleaning and decontamination service includes thorough antiviral cleaning of premises.
We pay particular attention to high touch points such as door handles, taps, light switches and surfaces.

We use a powerful virucidal cleaner that is used for infection control and eliminates dangerous viruses, microscopic bacteria, fungi, and protozoa that can cause disease. 

In addition, we have a partner business that we work with to provide electrostatic cleaning. This process involves electronically charging droplets of disinfectant to maximise their effectiveness and ensure that hard to reach areas are treated. 

Electrostatic spray can be used on all surfaces, the chemicals used are safe to touch once applied, and will not damage anything it comes into contact with. This service is available alongside our deep clean and decontamination opening preparation. 

Our skilled and trained workforce carry out this deep cleaning and decontamination process wearing protective gear including masks, gloves and goggles, and follow all government guidelines. 

To ensure there is no cross-contamination, our team are provided with fresh protective gear as well as disposable cleaning cloths and mop heads for each job.

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